The primary objective of this conference is to show social workers and student social workers from ethnic minorities they can progress a career in the social care industry and what better way to do this than to hear from someone who has achieved this! 
The conference is being organised by Zimbabwe UK Social Workers Association/ UK Social Workers Association (ZUKSWA/UKSWA). This not for profit organisation was set up to support social workers and student social workers from black ethnic minorities.
Speakers have already committed to the day from our ZUKSWA/UKSWA Network as well as a senior colleague from Social Services from an ethnic minority.
Speakers will focus, in particular, on the journey they have taken, the challenges they have faced and how they’ve overcome them. The mindset they have and any advice they would give to social workers and student social workers in the industry trying to progress in their career.
Date: May 17 2019
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Venue: Chiltern Hotel in Luton
Booking: Call details below
Cost: Social Wokers £50, Students £30, Those wanting to get into Social Work £20 (Fee includes lunch)
Contact details: 07903800701/07429136855/07446014399/07405884926
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