Part time working and 5Day SOS Training:

We know that there is some concern about part time workers being able to do a 5Day training on consecutive days:

o We want part time staff to have as good a quality of learning experience as full timers get, accessing very high-quality training, that they will use for the rest of their lives, wherever they go!
o There are dates through to December 2020, and there will soon be 2021 dates on CPD. We understand that if people can book well in advance, they can flex their working times to suit doing 5 Days.
o Managers we have spoken to, have said that the flexing is possible in most circumstances.

I need to stress this is not an open offer, it is for the very few – on the rare occasions where we have people who absolutely cannot flex their working times, because of personal or organisational circumstances beyond their control, please send their names to me at so we can look at other alternatives.

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