New Learning Conversation workshops for CYP - these sessions are all about learning more and deepening your SOS practice.

We will be running monthly sessions across the county. They are open to all CYP practitioners, managers and partners from any area. This is part of the suite of Signs of Safety learning programmes.

Through exploring case examples, these sessions will provide a safe space for everyone to individually practice their skills in listening, analysis, formulating questions, drafting danger statements and safety goals. The collaborative learning experience will help the participant to reflect on how the practice applies to their own work.

The person presenting the casework will have the opportunity to think through the case, the aim is not to solve the case, or for the colleagues to offer solutions as this needs to happen with the family and their network, but to provide the worker with questions they may have not considered to help them work through the case with the family.

To book on, please search by course code S-SOSLC
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