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Self Harm.

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Self Harm eLearning

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Some of the topics covered include:

How do young people self-harm; how common is it; why do people self-harm; case studies; reasons for self-harm; who is at risk; attitudes to self-harm; severity of self-harm; responding; schools and teaching about self-harm referral; special schools/residential and foster care; health services; resources for help and advice; pro-harm sites; and alternatives to self-harm.


This is course contains different sections (see the list below).


To move between the sections - once you have successfully completed your assessment and closed the screen - go back to the course and click “continue” to access the next section.


1. Introduction to Self-Harm


2. Self Harm - how to respond


See Learning outcomes below


Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

• Why young people self-harm, the risk-factors

• Common misconceptions & attitudes towards self-harm

• How to respond

• What schools should do to address self-harm

• When to refer for professional help

• How someone should be treated in a healthcare setting

Adult and Community Services
Children's Services
Safeguarding - Adults
Safeguarding - Children's 
Target Audience
All staff 
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